Special Sessions

Special Session Ⅰ: Control Theory Based on Artificial Intelligence

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Xing Chu, Yunnan University, China

Keywords: Reinforcement Learning; Big Data; Interpretability; Deep Learning; Control Theory and Control Engineering

Information: With the exponential development of artificial intelligence theory and technique, related approaches are also naturally applied in control domain. On the contrary, the fundamental concepts and theory of control science also boost the explosion of AI. Under this background, this special session welcomes the articles with contributions from the intersection of artificial intelligence and control science, includes reinforcement learning control, data-driven control, deep reinforcement learning control, deep learning control, explainability of artificial intelligence-based control, etc. We look forward to contributing to the cross research of artificial intelligence and control theory through our cooperation and efforts. 


Submission Deadline: July 6, 2024

Special Session Ⅱ: AI-Driven Innovations in Mobile Edge Computing

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Zhenli He, Yunnan University, China

Dr. Zongshuai Zhang(Senior Engineer), Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Keywords: Edge Intelligence; Mobile Edge Computing; Reinforcement Learning; Deep Learning; AI-driven MEC; Intelligent Edge Solutions

Information: The rapid advancement of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and artificial intelligence has created significant opportunities for pioneering research. This special session invites original research articles focusing on AI-driven innovations within the MEC domain. By leveraging AI technologies, MEC can achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, adaptability, and intelligence, enabling real-time data processing, optimized resource management, and enhanced user experiences. We seek contributions that explore the application of reinforcement learning, data-driven optimization, deep learning, and AI models in edge computing environments. Our goal is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and highlight substantial progress in integrating AI with edge computing.


Submission Deadline: August 6, 2024

Special Session Ⅲ: Applications in Image Analysis

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dehai Zhang, Yunnan University, China

Keywords: Image Analysis, Biomedical Image Analysis, Image Caption, Feature Extraction, Semantic Segmentation, Image Classification 

Information: Despite the significant success in methods for image analysis in the past decade, its applications in addressing real problems are still unsatisfactory. Such a status also indicates a non-neglectable gap between theoretical progress and real applications in the related areas. The collection of these topics moves toward narrowing such gaps, and so we invite papers on both theorical and applied issues related to image analysis.


Submission Deadline: August 31, 2024

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