Speaker Guidelines

Guideline for Speakers on December Conference


Many thanks for holding a presentation at the ISCAI Conference!

The purpose of this document is to:

Advise speakers on the required format when preparing their presentations for the ISCAI conference.

Assist you in preparing a presentation that will allow the audience to get the maximum benefit from your speech, and will enable the organizers to ensure that the conference will be conducted smoothly.

1. Speeches Guidelines

_ Visual presentations have to be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format;

_ Please specify the file name as “conference abbreviation_surname”, e.g. ISCAI 2024_Lange.ppt;

_ Please send your PowerPoint presentation to contact@iscai.org;   

_ The timeframe is November 22-24, 2024 (All PowerPoint Presentations and Papers will be submitted to the chairperson of your workshop so they have time to make their necessary preparations).

*Prior to your presentation: It is advised that all speakers bring a backup of their PowerPoint presentations to the Forum on a memory stick.

*If you have changed after the deadline or need to make changes onsite, please bring a copy on a thumb drive to the speakers' preview room.

*Please visit the speakers' preview room at least 4 hours before your presentation to review, load and test your presentation.

*Please arrive half an hour before the start of your session or workshop, in order to final check your presentation, familiar yourself with the audiovisual equipment and meet the chairperson.

*The conference room will be equipped with a projector, screen, laptop computer and microphones for your use. Technical support will be provided.


2. PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

Your effort in producing your PowerPoint presentation will be wasted if your audience cannot read it! Therefore please pay particular attention to the following rules:

_ All presentations must be made and held in English. The use of an interpreter is not permitted;

_ Use the provided conference speaker template;

_ Avoid corporate advertising in your presentation;

_ Text on slides;

_ 7x7 guideline: A maximum of seven words per line and seven lines per slide will improve the communication value of your slide,

_ Edit titles and long sentences to fit into only one line;

_ Use only one sub-level;

_ Boldface text carries more weight;

_ Use color with purpose, not as decoration;

_ Do not use footnotes;

_ Visual aids used in a presentation must be as simple as possible, you will have to eliminate all unnecessary details;

_ Ensure that you are allowed to use the photos contained in your presentation and disclose the source;

_ Provide reference sources in case you’re quoting;

_ How many slides? Better to have more slides with less information on each slide, than fewer more detailed slides, but keep your time schedule in mind; too many slides hinder you from finishing in time; you should have sufficient time to explain every slide without speaking too fast due to time pressure.


3. Technical Guidelines

_ All presentations will be presented on a PC with English Windows 7 or higher and PowerPoint 2010 or higher

_ Your presentation should be PC formatted, not mac formatted, please ensure your files are PC-compatible;

_ Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint 2010 or higher;

_ Please use only our PowerPoint template to prepare your presentation; the PowerPoint template should be used in conjunction with this guide when developing your presentation.

Open the PowerPoint template distributed with these guidelines.

_ Preferred page set-up in landscape orientation (portrait orientation – such as handout and A4 will not be displayed properly due to ratio 4:3);

_ Use high-contrast lettering and readable standard font as provided in the conference speaker template (minimum font size 24);

_ Use high-contrast colors: Light text on a dark background or vice versa.


4. Your Presentation during the Conference

_ Forum setup: on the platform, there will be a podium from where presentations will be presented; the workshop chairperson will invite speakers up to the podium at the appropriate time;

_ Keep your audience fully engaged by speaking to them directly; use examples; ask questions; make it visible;

_ Better not to read from your slides, use them as additional guidance for the attendees;

_ Speak clearly and slowly, not all attendees are English native speakers;

_ Timekeeping is crucial: practice your presentation in advance and ensure that you stay in time

_ The presentation should be kept strictly within the timeframe given to you;

_ The Moderator will keep strict time control during the presentations;

_ A countdown clock will be provided, keep an eye on it and also on possible signals from your chairperson;


Finally, thank you for your valuable contribution to the ISCAI 2024 Conference. It is greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to meeting you in the Shanghai in October.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact@iscai.org


Good luck with your presentation!

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